Baptist Chapel History G. F. Muntz Sear Mann F. J. Gaye 1935/48 West Stevenson Jones Umberslade  l Rev. Glanmore Jones 1984 - 1993

Mr. Jones came with a very wide experience of both inside and outside the church and regularly expounded on the Christian answer to problems of the world. His pastoral work and hospital visiting were particularly noteworthy and he gave attention to people's problems to a larger extent than would usually be expected. He became a real friend to many and was sadly missed when he left.

He was also a Welsh speaker and regularly spoke at the Birmingham Welsh Churches.

The situation at Umberslade on his arrival was not encouraging, with an ageing diaconate and congregation. This meant that more was increasingly expected of him as time went on. His wife Merion was an able assistant and made a strong contribution towards her husband's ministry and at the Sisterhood.

One special feature of his ministry was the assistance in training one of the church members, David Barber, following his call to the ministry. David did his training at Northern Baptist College and the church engaged him as Assistant Student Minister. He ran a youth club and also conducted an evening service specifically for young people of the village who were unable to attend morning service because of their employment. The church  had the extra financial commitment of contributing  towards his College fees but was able to do it at a time of high interest rates on the investments.

When the time came for Mr. Jones to retire many tributes were paid to him for his guidance and leadership at a time when there were many problems. With a corresponding dramatic fall in interest rates it became impossible to support even a part time minister in the immediate future.