‘Spring Lane Baptist

March 2024

With Streams of  Living Water”

Jesus said “I am the Door”

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Wednesday Afternoon

 3rd Day

12.30  -  15.00

Soup Lunch

St. Thomas/SLBC

07981 911605

Thursday Morning

 Each Day

09.30  -  12noon

Art Group

Maria Cooke

07980 180183

Thursday Evening

 1st Day

19.00  -  22.00


Louse Thornton

07949 901116

Friday Morning

 Each Day

09.30  -  12,30

Art and Media

Ginny Lasson-Jones

01212 460850

Sunday Morning

 4th Day

10.30  -  10.55

Communion Breakfast

07981 911605

Sunday Morning

 4th Day

11.00  -  11.45

Sunday Worship

07981 911605


A Brief Review

It’s strange; don’t you think? That when we come to a New Year, we often think or hope that things might get better, or did last year live up to: or exceed your expectations.

It may be that you are not like me! I get frustrated over the number of times I arrange for work to be done, and nobody turns up. I find myself making the same arrangements over and over again. I struggle with the number of companies who want me to use their ‘APP’. my phone is full of them.

I had hoped that in the New Year things would get better! However I am still waiting for the man to do the roof tiles, the man to fix the chimney for the central heating boiler. And on top of that, my appointment for a knee replacement, for which I will pay privately, has had to be cancelled because the haematology department at the QE don’t work over a weekend,( I have mild haemophilia) and no-one at the Royal Orthopaedic thought to liaise with them before arranging the date.

Thought I’d share that with you, I’m told a problem shared is problem halved. So thanks for caring.

Nuff Said; I feel better already.

Church life for me over the past year has been a struggle. We have continued in much the same way as we did with a minister, except that I now have ministerial responsibilities, as well as managing the centre.

The Anglican church has re-organised itself such that they share resources between their churches in groups, and it is vital that the Baptist Churches should do the same.

We need to reinstitute the cluster group of churches, and again start to share together, and to understand the difficulties of the smaller churches. Sharing with clergy and laity.

My prayer is just that someone reading this will take note.