Taken from World in prayer (2nd February)

Dear Lord,

This prayer arises during a foggy day from a home on a quiet residential street. Somewhere else it is dark at night and people pray. The smoke and bombs seem to crush any ability to even think and survival is everything.

It feels like both forgiveness and mercy are needed in the midst of upset, heartache, confusion, and utter horrendous calamity. We may be distant from the actual events, but the news seems to settle at our kitchen tables, on the radio while driving down the road, before the TV as the nightly news spills into the living room. There is the newspaper on the doorstep, the 24/7 internet access to what is going on anywhere and everywhere and at any time.

We acknowledge those who work as journalists, for their courage, to stand in each moment gathering the facts, running the cameras and sound, transmitting reports to their news agencies that then assemble the stories that are filtered and flow out to the media.

We pray for all journalists. Those killed and those in extreme danger of their lives. We call out to halt these assaults, the threats and killing of family members, censorship and cyberattacks. Help us to respect those who offer their life to tell our stories. Lord have mercy.

The United Nations reports that over 500,000 people in Gaza are starving. And at the same time, funds are being frozen for UN refugee assistance, due to alleged participation by UN staff during the October 7th Hamasinto Israel. So much suffering seems to hang in the balance. Hunger becomes starvation, and starvation becomes extreme disability and death. Lord have mercy. Bring aid to these people. We pray that you should turn us away from this desolation. Lord, again we ask for your mercy.

We are confronted by the web of war as news reports out of Jordan tell of a drone strike killing 3 U.S. soldiers and wounding over 40 who were supporting the U.S. presence in Syria. An Iran-backed militia in Iraq has been identified as the perpetrator of the attack.

Bring your comfort upon us, O Holy One.

Hear our prayers wherever we are.

Eternal One we offer them up to you.

Take them. Bind them to your will.

We ask for your light upon the world’s troubles.


‘Spring Lane Baptist

March 2024

With Streams of  Living Water”

Jesus said “I am the Door”