Baptist Chapel History G. F. Muntz Sear Mann F. J. Gaye 1935/48 West Stevenson Jones Umberslade  l

Following Mr. West's resignation it was suggested by the Area Superintendent that consideration be given to linking with Shirley Baptist Church. Umberslade still had the manse but could only offer a very small stipend. This idea was overtaken when Rev. Harry Stevenson, who had formerly been at the independent church in Lapworth, offered his services. He and Mrs. Stevenson both worked very hard in the church and in the village, and their pastoral work is still well remembered, but failing health again brought problems. Mr. Stevenson was taken ill while conducting a service and the church realised that the time had come to only have a morning service from that time onwards.

The condition of the manse again caused problems and  it was also considered an inappropriate house for present use. The Trustees advised that it be sold and a smaller house be purchased. This caused further difficulties when a bridging loan was required, but this was overtaken when Mr. Stevenson's son Ray decided to buy a house in the village for his parents for their pending retirement in 1984.

Following Harry's death, Mrs. Stevenson continued to be an active worker in the church and was a deacon and leader of the Sisterhood until well into her eighties, and her house was always open for prayer meetings. Ivy's Christian qualities stood out to everybody who met her and she will be affectionately remembered in the village for very many years.

Revd. Harry Stevenson 1976 - 1984